New agency, Giznode, has launched in Bristol helping businesses and brands take advantage of the huge growth in VR and AR technologies.

Based on King Street, Giznode develops innovative solutions ranging from VR and AR experiences to mobile apps within various industry sectors.

Virtual reality is transforming industries like gaming, film, marketing, automotive and healthcare. Giznode has harnessed VR technology, developing full motion 360° immersive and interactive experiences.

The sense of being completely immersed in the environment with full 360° spherical vision allows the user to look all around and interact through the scenes using controllers or even with movement tracking

Giznode provides the opportunity for companies and brands to educate, engage and excite their customers and employees through virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

Run by Chris Price, an experienced technology entrepreneur, the team have formed Giznode on the back of building companies like Mubaloo and the Opposable Group.

Tim Edwards, Giznode’s Innovation Director said: “Innovative tech – Bristol has always played host to great studios and agencies that put together technology and creativity to create exciting projects.

“The latest technology that is setting the creative and investment world alight is virtual reality (“VR”), and as usual, Bristol is leading the way in this new and exciting field.”

Giznode is currently working with large brands excited about opening new markets with the new technology. It has also signed up blue chip clients and hardware partners to deliver new products and marketing experiences in events marketing, healthcare and commercial sectors